Netmarble Launches Disney Magical Dice on iOS, Android

The Monopoly-style board game allows up to four players to move around a Disney-themed game board, spending coins to purchase squares and construct buildings.

Mobile game company Netmarble Games launched Disney Magical Dice on mobile. The Monopoly-style board game allows up to four players to move around a Disney-themed game board, spending coins to purchase squares and construct buildings.

In Disney Magical Dice, players can collect 20 costume cards representing Disney and Disney Pixar characters, and they can play as one of these characters in each game. At the beginning of the game, users choose their first costume card from the group of Captain Hook, Woody, Rapunzel and Maleficent.

In each game, players take turns rolling the dice to move around the board. If players land on an unowned square, they can purchase it with coins, and they will have the option to immediately construct up to three buildings on the space. The number of buildings on a square impacts the service fee the space charges when another player lands on it.

Meanwhile, when players land on an owned square, they may have the option to acquire the square from the current owner by paying a fee. However, once players have constructed all three buildings on a single square, they can construct a final landmark on the space, which locks the square to their control.

In addition to property squares, the board includes special spaces, such as a jail space, a charity space and more.

As games progress, players will receive free coins each time they pass start. In addition, if players land on the start square exactly, they’ll receive the option to construct additional buildings on one of their properties.

Players can win the game in a variety of ways. For instance, players can win by owning every property in three different color groups, or by owning every property on a single side of the board. Players can also win by owning all five of the magic squares on the board. Finally, players can win if their opponents go bankrupt.

In between games, players can purchase additional character costume cards in the game’s store using free or premium currency. Cards can also be earned in the game’s single-player practice mode.

Each costume has different stats that affect the game when the costume is active. For instance, one stat may impact the discount players receive on building fees, while another stat may impact the player’s chance of drawing a golden card while playing. Players can improve a card’s stats by fusing their unwanted cards into it.

In a statement, Seungwon Lee, chief global officer of Netmarble Games, commented:

We’re excited to welcome all gamers into the wonderful world of Disney. We hope our players enjoy Disney Magical Dice and wish them nonstop fun as the travel through this wonderful new board game.

Disney Magical Dice is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.