NetGalley’s New “Quick Invite” Widget


We mentioned yesterday that NetGalley has added a new widget to its list of features for the new year. We were just curious as to how it worked, so asked Lindsey Rudnikas, NetGalley’s Digital Concierge.

As you can sort of see from the image above, the widget itself is an image and link that can be pasted into an email. If a publicist emails a reviewer about a specific book, the cover of that book appears instead of the blue area in the widget.

Here’s what Rudnikas told eBookNewser in am email exchange: “Any publisher who uses NetGalley (including their publicists/marketing team/etc) can use the widget in their own emails to ANY of their own contacts – whether that contact is a NetGalley member or not. If the recipient is a NetGalley member, they simply sign in and go directly to the galley, as the widget auto-approves them for immediate access. If the recipient is not yet a NetGalley member, they get a streamlined registration for quick access directly to the galley.”

One caveat from NetGalley: in its instructions for how publishers can set up the widget, the company does warn that currently there are no security measures in place to stop someone from forwarding the email and giving whoever they forwarded it to access to the galley being widget-ed, though NetGalley does promise to resolve this issue with its next release.