Nests Pop Up All Over Twitter As Engagement Tool Opens To Public

We know you’re always looking for the best way to interact with people on Twitter – because it isn’t easy. Twitter moves FAST making ongoing conversations pretty impossible.

That’s why folks are excited about Nestivity, and explains why we’re seeing nests popping up all over Twitter. And who can blame them? We think once you see how these bad boys look, you’ll want a nest of your own.

Nestivity is a community engagement and management tool for Twitter that we told you was headed your way, and now it’s here!

Nestivity enables brands to listen and respond to fan questions, experiences and suggestions, as well as manage and curate content in easily contextualized projects:

Nestivity is the first and only community engagement tool that allows you to turn your Twitter handle into a community. It provides an organized and structured venue to engage your audience more deeply by making it possible to turn tweets into conversations that are simple to moderate and easy for your followers to engage. All activity from the community also appears on Twitter, thus amplifying your reach and allowing anyone to find and join the conversation.

And Nestivity archives Tweet data indefinitely, providing context and persistence in a fast-paced environment where update streams typically move too fast to gain traction.

“Every day thousands of consumers are reaching out to engage brands, and most brands simply don’t respond,”  said Nestivity founder and president Henry Min. “Many people make the mistake of treating Twitter like a traditional broadcast channel, effectively spamming their followers.  Others revert to email or other social media channels to engage in deeper discussions, wasting time and losing conversations in the process.  We built a community layer on top of Twitter to enable brands to form communities and host meaningful discussions directly on the platform they are already using.”

Does it work? “Market response to Nestivity’s Beta program has been exceptional with over 3,500 sign ups including top brands and global influencers.” Can so many global influencers be wrong?

The company offers a free version of the platform, including one moderator seat and 60 days of stored tweet history.  Premium versions are also available that include additional moderator accounts and data storage.

Sign on and test it out for yourself!

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