Neiman Marcus Joins Target and Three Other Retailers as Credit Card Data Hacks Broaden

Neiman_Marcus_Logo_0High end retailer, Neiman Marcus, is the latest victim of credit card hackers – the department store reported that it has been receiving notices from fraud claims following accounts of unauthorized payment activities, just weeks after Target announced a major security breach. According to previous reports, upwards of 70 million Target customers have had personal data exposed – names, phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, and more.

The findings indicate that the breach of data occurred in mid-December, around the same time that Target reportedly had its major breach of credit card data. According to undisclosed sources, the attacks also targeted three other retailers besides Target and Neiman Marcus, prompting the involvement of the US Secret Service as well as the Department of Justice. Unconfirmed sources point to Eastern Europe for the source of cyber hackers, but no one or even groups of individuals have been accused.

The majority of the breaches were reported over the weekend, when most users were less likely to be reading the news. Further, most companies are reluctant to disclose data breaches for fear of losing business.

Here is the entirety of the announcement from Neiman Marcus, concerning the security breach:

Neiman Marcus was informed by our credit card processor in mid-December of potentially unauthorized payment card activity that occurred following customer purchases at our Neiman Marcus Group stores.

We informed federal law enforcement agencies and are working actively with the U.S. Secret Service, the payment brands, our credit card processor, a leading investigations, intelligence and risk management firm, and a leading forensics firm to investigate the situation. On January 1st, the forensics firm discovered evidence that the company was the victim of a criminal cyber-security intrusion and that some customers’ cards were possibly compromised as a result. We have begun to contain the intrusion and have taken significant steps to further enhance information security.

The security of our customers’ information is always a priority and we sincerely regret any inconvenience. We are taking steps, where possible, to notify customers whose cards we know were used fraudulently after making a purchase at our store.