Neil Gaiman and Most Americans Have No Desire to Wear Google Glass

Bite Interactive’s latest survey indicates that Google Glass is not desirable –  at least, in its current social state. The survey showed that 90% of  Americans simply think it looks too awkward, costs too much, and feels unappealing. Not only are smart phone users uninterested in using the device, sci-fi author Neil Gaiman also thinks it looks too silly.

“Would I wear Google Glasses? Almost definitely not since they look very, very silly.”

Gaiman points to another critique of Glass’s hyper-connectivity mode:

“I think trying to learn to be present while you’re present is a really good thing to do.”

This is definitely something smart phones also fail at, so maybe Gaiman will come around to the eye-wear once it looks hip enough? It is important to note that Gaiman is also Blackberry’s ambassador, so he might be holding back some personal desires to give in to the Google’s highly ambitious artificial intelligence and massive,  user-driven 3D maps.

“I quite like the idea of downloading my entire consciousness into a computer and then invading every network in the world, slowly taking over, and… oh sh-t, I shouldn’t have said that.”

What do you think? Does Google Glass miss its intended audience or is it too early to tell? Let us know in the comments.

Via Mashable