Neatly Helps Users Combat Information Overload On Twitter

Neatly, an app developed by Cairo-based F16Apps, upends the normal Twitter user experience by changing your timeline from time-based into interest-based.

The idea behind Neatly is to make Twitter as organized and customized for each user as possible, weeding out irrelevant tweets and highlighting what’s important based on your social preferences and interests.

The app, 99 cents and available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry 10, has a gorgeous interface and seemingly unlimited customization.

Probably its most differentiating feature is the Smart Timeline, which, iTunes-genius-style, organizes your tweets into topic buckets and learns from your actions the more you use the app.

You can even visualize your preferences by setting a color for any user or topic. And when you click on another Twitter user’s profile, Neatly highlights your common interests, purely based on the content of your respective tweets.

Neatly also lets you “e-mailize” any tweet, conversation thread, topic, or image, generating an attractive email in-app. And the “multi-stack” view on iPad enables multiple windows to be open within the app so you can monitor several topics, check someone’s profile, and respond to a DM simultaneously.

You can use Neatly like any Twitter client – scrolling through your standard Timeline, checking direct messages, mentions, and lists – but if you’re ready for more, it’s got it. And then some.

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