NCAA Tournament Goes 3G on iPhone

Continuing efforts by CBS and the NCAA to ensure that productivity at work plunges in March, CBS Mobile Monday debuted its NCAA March Madness on Demand app for the iPhone, offering all 63 games of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship live via AT&T’s 3G network, paidContent reported.

The app costs $9.99, double the price for the 2009 version, but last year’s app only worked with WiFi networks, according to paidContent.

Microsoft will also sponsor a free version of the app that will offer on-demand highlights, live scores, and news coverage, but no live game action, paidContent reported, and CBS will launch a free BlackBerry app, sponsored by Mercedes Benz, but with no live video or on-demand clips.

AT&T’s FLO TV service will also offer live video of all 63 games, and Verizon Wireless’ version of FLO TV will be limited to CBS’ general coverage, as AT&T is the exclusive wireless partner of the NCAA, paidContent reported.

CBS Mobile senior vice president and general manager Rob Gelick told paidContent:

Last year, we were the first to do a live sporting event with the March Madness app, and since then, the appetite for video and live video has grown massively for us. We one-upped ourselves. Now people can stay connected regardless of where they are.

Part of the challenges we had last year was that there’s all of these great games going on at the same time, which one should you watch?