NBC.com To Implement Content Recommendation With The Filter

These days there is such a huge amount of content on the web that the choice of what to watch or listen to next can be overwhelming. As the myriad of content continues to expand, more and more online video sites are discovering the importance of implementing content recommendation systems. NBC.com has announced that they are next to jump on the content recommendation bandwagon, partnering with The Filter, a white-label content recommendation platform.

The Filter is a collaboration between Martin Hopkins, a physicist and software entrepreneur, and the musician and digital pioneer Peter Gabriel. The system enables content owners to provide their users with relevant recommendations for video, music, games, and applications based upon the type of content that these users are already viewing.

The Filter has collaborated with a number of online content providers already, including Sony Music, thePlatform, We7, DVDPost and Dailymotion. However, NBC.com is The Filter’s largest media partner to date and is a giant achievement for the company. NBC.com will be using The Filter to power recommendations for their short-form videos, including short clips from television shows like Saturday Night Live.

By recommending relevant content to users, online video platforms can easily increase not only the number of video streams viewed by users per visit but can also lengthen the amount of time users spend on the site. Since Dailymotion began implementing The Filter’s system in March they have already seen a 40 percent increase in the amount of time users spend on the site and a 25 percent increase in video streams viewed per visit. It will be interesting to see what effect The Filter will have on the success of NBC.com.