Natsume releases tower defense game Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense on iOS


Natsume’s “Gabrielle” franchise has expanded this month with the release of Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense on iOS devices. The game stars Gabrielle and her friends from Monsterville, who are challenged to defend their desserts from humans who want their share of the sweet treats.

Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense offers 50 stages at launch, which become increasingly difficult over time. In each level, players must guard three lanes from the humans by sending out monsters to push them back before they reach the far left side of the screen. While monsters spawn in the middle lane automatically, players can move them up and down by swiping on each individual monster.


Players earn points automatically as levels progress, and can spend those points on a variety of units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, one character may walk slowly, but have a high defense, while another moves faster, but can be defeated more quickly. Points can also be spent on upgrading the points generator, so players can earn points faster throughout the rest of the stage.

After each level, players earn experience points which can be spent on upgrading units, while premium currency can be spent to unlock special units, like Gabrielle herself.

Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense is now available for free on iOS. Two other Gabrielle games, Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack and Gabrielle’s Monster Match, are also available on mobile. Check back soon to follow all of Natsume’s games on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.

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