NativeX Launches Lightning Play Video to Help Monetize Mobile Games

nativex-650NativeX, an advertising technology company specializing in mobile games, has announced the launch of Lightning Play Video, its new video ad format that combines modern video ad technology with the company’s existing selection of native advertising formats, which includes discovery walls, interstitials and other “rich media” formats. Using Lightning Play Video, developers can integrate video ads into their applications seamlessly, without additional development work or interrupting the end user experience. As “native” ads, they’re designed to look and feel like they belong within the application they’re serving.

This video ad product, combined with the overall NativeX suite, is designed to allow apps to serve the right ads, in the right formats, at the right time, depending on what’s happening in the game a user is playing. Back in May, NativeX launched its global native ad exchange, designed to help companies best monetize their free-to-play games. This NativeX Ad Exchange supports both interstitials and video ads, in rewarded or non-rewarded formats. These types of ads then compete for the same placement within an app, to “extract the most value from each ad impression.”Lightning Play VideoThe overall NativeX platform offers analytics and support for specific triggers for presenting ads. In a lives-based game, for instance, an ad could be triggered when users run out of lives. If it’s a rewarded ad, the user could receive an extra life for watching the video or otherwise interacting with the ad.

“Video ads can be an effective way for advertisers to quickly demonstrate the appeal of their product or app to players, but is not the only answer for developers looking to optimize revenue,” said Robert Weber, co-founder and SVP at NativeX, in a statement. “You also need discovery walls, interstitials, reward and non-reward, and in-house promotions that deep link to your store to drive consumer purchase. Our video product is just one more piece to the holistic monetization puzzle.”

NativeX is one of many companies focusing on native advertising on mobile. Mobile publisher platform PubNative, for instance, raised a 7-digit funding investment in July for its native advertising platform. AppNext, meanwhile, has released its own native ad API aimed specifically at Android developers.

More information on NativeX’s product is available on the company’s website.