The Rockingest Nana On Twitter: @J_Dimps

If your Nana thinks she’s hip because she’s on Facebook, tell her she’s gonna have to learn a thing or two if she wants to compete with Josie Dimples, the rockingest grandma on Twitter.

Eighty-year-old Josie, or @J_Dimps, has 80k follows on Twitter and is going strong. She’s the definition of a ‘pistol’ and is pretty active on Twitter. Her newest goal? To reach 100k followers before she’s 100.

How did this whole thing start? The New York Times blog tells us:

Life became listless for Josephine Lamberti, 80, after her husband died several years back, so she turned to a grandson, Donny Brandefine, who she knew made those video “thingies’’ for the Internet.

“I was bored and I wanted some action, so I says, ‘Donny, you want to teach me the computer so I can, you know, tweet or something?’”

Because of his grandmother’s smile, he gave her the nickname Josie Dimples — J-Dimps, for short — and began making videos of her as a wisecracking grandma with a secret penchant for “Jersey Shore”-style, fist-pumping dance moves.

Here’s one of her popular videos from her Facebook page where she’s wishing Rihanna a happy birthday:

So what do you think? Can you help this dimpled grandma reach 100k followers ahead of her birthday . . . twenty years from now? At least she’s not a bot and talks to people, right?

( Cool Nana image from Shutterstock)