MySpace to Launch Mobile Video Streaming via Members Pages

Hoping to leverage on rival Facebook and also to boost its mobile phone presence, MySpace is launching a new feature of its mobile MySpace interface that would let members watch video clips from their MySpace pages as well as TV shows on their mobile phones. The new feature will be made available soon on various mobile phones including the BlackBerry Bold, Palm Centro, Motorola Q9, LG Voyager, Nokia N95 and Samsung Instinct.

The new MySpace mobile feature would enable you not only to watch video on your own homepages but from your MySpace’s friends’ pages as well. Likewise, you can also watch commercially produced videos from celebrity news and gossip website TMZ, the National Hockey League, National Geographic, Onion and others.

The new service will be provided by MySpace to its members for free, but of course we don’t expect MySpace not to do something without getting anything from it. In the case of this new feature, it will be in the form of mobile ads.

If you’re wondering if this new feature will be made available also on the iPhone, the answer is a resounding no since the video streaming will be done from the MySpace’s pages instead of being downloaded onto the phones. Hence it will not be available on the iPhone which plays only downloaded videos. Although MySpace is not closing its doors on video downloads, but this will have to wait at a later date.

This new feature of MySpace mobile is being implemented in partnership with RipCode company who will be in-charge of making sure that video contents can be streamed on various mobile handsets eventhough they have different platforms.