MySpace Real-Time Search API Goes Live on Google

The MySpace Real-Time Search API is now live on Google, adding news, photos, and blog posts from the social-networking site to the search giant’s results.

MySpace co-president Mike Jones announced the implementation going live on the MySpace Blog:

Beginning today, when you search for anything on Google, as part of your search results, you will see live updates from MySpace users, including news, photos, and blog posts that they have chosen to publicly publish. Further, all of these updates will be ranked to reflect the freshest, most relevant results, making it easier to find the latest information on anything you’re searching for on Google, including the music and artists you enjoy most.

In addition to the Google search results users are used to seeing, the MySpace Real Time API services a stream of status updates, blog posts, and other publicly available data to Google. The Google user then receives a live snapshot of all the chatter surrounding any subject on MySpace.