MySpace Primetime Provides Hulu With Distribution

This morning MySpace announced their new Primetime application which brings in all of Hulu’s content and makes it accessible to the MySpace user base. This agreement also brings in an additional 150 million pages to MySpace for them to display advertisements on. This is a huge agreement for MySpace as the company has been releasing a number of new video services for users that benefits the primary content owners.

The only problem with the application as far as I can tell, is that MySpace doesn’t provide substantial promotion for Hulu from the site’s navigation bar. Additionally, the video player (as pictured below) appears to be limited in size, whereas the video player is displayed in widescreen. It’s somewhat odd that there would be a distribution agreement without a promotional agreement.

MySpace has been one of the most aggressive social networks in signing media partnerships to provide new distribution and monetization opportunities for all involved. This partnership with Hulu is only the latest in the company’s aggressive pursuit of new monetization and media distribution opportunities. It will be interesting to follow the growth of this application to see how both parties actually benefit.

-MySpace Primetime Screenshot-