MySpace Platform Catching Up to Facebook

It’s no secret that among social platform developers Facebook still reigns king. On MySpace though, while there may not be top applications like Top Friends which has close to 38 million installs on Facebook, the top application has over 6 million installs which would rank it among the top 30 applications on Facebook. As Ian Swanson said in my podcast with him last week, he has been seeing the MySpace platform gaining traction.

Additionally there is buzz that MySpace will soon begin adding features that help applications grow virally. Initially there were a lot of restrictions in place but as the restrictions decrease, applications are experiencing more traction. This strategy contrasts Facebook’s in which the platform was completely viral and there were no restrictions on viral growth. Over the past year, Facebook has placed an increasing number of restrictions on developers.

In my opinion this will help MySpace build more positive relationships with developers. While it took some time for the platform to gain traction, MySpace is increasingly become a platform that can compete with Facebook when it comes to reach. While the types of users differ across both platforms it is clear that the MySpace platform has become a viable competitor to the Facebook platform.

The quality of applications are also increasing. Just last night I was playing a flash version of the extremely popular Guitar Hero game. The application has attracted over 160,000 users and the quality is pretty damn good. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to improve my skills. While it’s not as good as the real game it is definitely a fun time.

As the MySpace platform matures I’d expect to see higher quality applications appear and a growth in the application install base. What has your experience been with the MySpace platform? Do you even use MySpace?