MySpace Music Launches with a Big Bang

Finally, the much hyped, much talked about MySpace Music service is launched and no other than the 4 major record companies have agreed to support the service. Joining Sony BMG, EMI, Warner and Universal is Sony ATV/ Music Publishing, Amazon MP3 and the Orchard. In addition, MySpace Music is also backed by McDonald’s, Sony Pictures, State Farm and Toyota as inaugural advertisers.

MySpace Music will bring in a catalogue of premium audio and video content, e-commerce offerings and user and artist playlists as well as give monetization opportunities for the MySpace music community.

Specifically, MySpace Music will feature the following services and functionality:

  • The new MyMusic personal music management toolset
  • Free and unlimited ad-supported, full-length audio streaming
  • Free and unlimited playlist functionality
  • Free discography and content catalogues for SONY BMG, UMG and WMG artists
  • DRM-free MP3 music e-commerce downloads powered by Amazon MP3
  • Ringtone e-commerce powered by Jamster

Of course, the most important of those services is the DRM-free MP3 music download through Amazon MP3. Although this service would only be available for U.S. consumers. But the other services are worth checking out as well. For instance, the MyMusic service allows U.S. members to download, stream and personalize their music content through the creation of personal and public playlists. Users can add each other’s playlists on their MySpace profile, which would also allow music streaming. In addition, MySpace Music also features an enhanced search capability for browsing and searching music by artist, song title or album title and have the music freely streamed through a personal music player which they can do while browsing MySpace.

With the buzz being created by MySpace Music, it would be interesting to know how Facebook, its fiercest rival would react to this. Or more interestingly, whether MySpace Music would generate enough buzz for the social network to gain what it lost to Facebook.