MySpace Launching Application Invites

MySpace has been working on a new Application Communications Channel (ACC) which enables application developers to contact users directly. This channel will also help support a more viral distribution of applications. Last night they announced details about the new ACC. Invitations will be displayed in a new folder in the user’s mail center called “Notifications.”

While there were previously allowed invitation that were contained within general messages, these new notifications will be announced on the user’s homepage. Users can add an application directly from this notification as it will be displayed in a lightbox on the same page. I’ve included a screenshot of the dialog box which is displayed.

The new application invites will take advantage of the OpenSocial requestShareApp method. Initially, MySpace will be limiting invitations to one recipient at a time to avoid spam on the site. Currently there are no specific dates for the launch of these new invitations but it has been suggested that the invitations are coming soon. Hopefully this new feature helps expand the reach of applications on the MySpace platform.

Application Invites

MySpace Application Install Dialog