MySpace Faces Serious Problems With Their Platform

Saying that MySpace’s application approval process is far from being streamlined would be a serious understatement. I have been speaking with a number of developers over the past few days who have been listing off the multiple issues taking place with the recently launched MySpace platform. Applications have been mysteriously disappearing from the application directory, other apps have been turned off without warning.

The applications have been suspended and then the developers are taking their issues to the forums and on IRC. The largest complaint appears to be people who have their application mistakenly suspended. The most frequent cause is that the developers have improperly set the image and description for the application but for others the application randomly switches into suspended mode.

According to another developer I spoke with, there are still substantial security issues with the new MySpace platform. One issue was that the OAuth version being used by MySpace is not a standard version. As such, changes need to be made to the code to adjust for this. While I don’t know about the technical aspects of this, it definitely sounds like it would be a pain the ass.

There also appears to be other technical difficulties for an unfortunate few. After having their applications approved, they are not able to add it to their profile. For those that aren’t developers, many of these issues can be brushed off as technical difficulties but for those that are building the applications the issues can be seriously time consuming and in turn a poor use of internal resources.

One developer I spoke with today said that he wasn’t too concerned about the timely launch of his application because ultimately, a few thousand users “really isn’t that significant” when looking at the bigger picture. While I’m not sure if I agree with this argument, I do think that companies need to carefully assess whether or not investing significant resources in an unfinished platform that changes hourly is a good idea.