MySpace Becomes Part Of Google's Real-Time Search Results

MySpace has just sent out a release announcing that the company’s real-time feed is now showing up in Google’s real-time search results. We’ve posted a screenshot of the results below, but it’s pretty straight forward how the new service works: any MySpace user that makes public updates will now be indexed in Google results. With Google now indexing a large number of social network updates, the company is becoming deeply integrated into the social web.

Below is a copy of the release from MySpace co-President Mike Jones:

In December, Google announced plans to implement the MySpace Real-Time Search API, which would push publicly available updates from our users to Google in real-time. The implementation is now LIVE on Google and we couldn’t be more excited to be the first social networking platform to light up real-time integration with Google.

Empowering our audience to share, discover and showcase content – whether it’s music, movies or games – is core to the MySpace experience. This partnership increases our users’ ability to share and showcase content across the open Web and gives people outside the MySpace network even more ways to discover new content.

Beginning today, when you search for anything on Google, as part of your search results you will see live updates from MySpace users, including news, photos, and blog posts that they have chosen to publically publish. Further, all of these updates will be ranked to reflect the freshest, most relevant results, making it easier to find the latest information on anything you’re searching for on Google, including the music and artists you enjoy most.

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