MySpace Apps Grow 10,000 Percent in First 7 Hours

Looking for the next popular social platform? MySpace looks like it may just be it. Aside from the fact that there are practically no viral elements to MySpace applications, profile boxes alone have been able to drive traffic to the apps. This isn’t really surprising though since most top applications on Facebook receive over 80 percent of their new installations from profile boxes (based on internal stats provided to me from top app developers).

While not all of these applications experienced phenomenal growth, most of them grew at least a few thousand percent. It’s easy to reach high numbers though when you start with 10 users. We will see if application developers experience similar growth today.

A few application developers didn’t make the cut for launch because they were still tying up loose ends. For those that don’t have top tier developers working full-time on OpenSocial projects, it will be challenging to get the applications up in time. That’s because building cross-social network applications require data interoperability on the backend. For those that don’t want their applications to be integrated across all sites, they can simply make application modifications to try to force their app into the restrictions of each platform.

The true test will be over the coming weeks to see if any of the applications can maintain sustained growth. Additionally, once MySpace promotes their applications directory we will most likely see a significant uptick in the growth rate of applications. Are you building your applications on MySpace or are you waiting?