MySpace Application Directory Goes Lives

MySpace has just launched their application directory. Initially the apps will not be featured prominently on the site. This is most likely to work out any initial bugs but look for a prominent applications link to be featured on the site header in the near future. This month MySpace, Orkut and Hi5 will all be launching their OpenSocial based platforms.

This will be the first test of OpenSocial. Developers will be keeping their eye on the growth of these applications to see if it is comparable with the growth on other platforms such as Facebook and Bebo. So far the most number of installs for any application is 53 users but I would imagine that this number will jump drastically. After installing a couple apps and playing with them, I’m not quite sure about the viral integration points for the MySpace platform.

There appears to be no invite forms but there are profile boxes. Adam Ostrow also points out that there is currently no messaging API. My profile also appears to be slightly modified but I’m not sure if that is a new design feature or if it already existed since I don’t use MySpace on a regular basis. This platform definitely appears to be effective though as my profile has been cleaned up nicely and there is now space for new applications to be inserted.

The next few months will be exciting as new social platforms continue to launch and the large web entities continue to push for more openness.

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