MyBlogLog Getting Into Identity Management

Last night Ian Kennedy of MyBlogLog sent out an email to users notifying them of new features coming to their website. This tool will automatically aggregate all of your publicly available information on sites such as, Twitter,, Digg, Flickr, YouTube and other sites. I think MyBlogLog may be stepping up their activity due to an unforeseen threat: Facebook. Although it hasn’t been created yet, someone is bound to launch a MyBlogLog competitor in the coming weeks. Given that Facebook has an even larger user base, MyBlogLog is seriously threatened.

The race is no longer to get users to choose your website as a primary location but instead to have a central location of identity. Even Google has joined the race with the launch of their Social Graph API. The exploration of the implications of managing individuals’ social graphs have only begun but the race to own it is in full swing. We will see once lucrative companies collapse as the battle rages on. In the past 9 months we have only seen the beginning.

MyBlogLog is clearly one of the threatened entities. Honestly, I’m amazed that it has taken this long for them to realize that their company is in the business of identity management. Even still, MyBlogLog risks some backlash as Leslie Bradshaw points out. When launched, the “New with Me” feature will be opt-out instead of opt-in. Creating a feature as opt-out is a no-no in the web world and is seems that MyBlogLog may not have learned from the Facebook Beacon fiasco. I have a feeling that they may learn their lesson soon!

Do you think MyBlogLog should change this new feature to opt-in?