Music WithMe Lets You “Tune In” To The Music Of The People You Follow On Twitter (Or Tune Them Out!)

If you’re a music lover looking for a way to mine the depths of music on your social networks, the latest update from Music WithMe should help.

Music WithMe, a service that allows you to wirelessly sync up your iTunes to your Android phone, has just launched version 3.0 and has become a lot more social.

With new Twitter and Facebook integration, you can now get your hands (or ears!) on the great tunes your friends are listening to – and block out those with “unfortunate” music taste.

The social element of this new app allows you to do two distinct things:

  • Discover new music from those on Twitter who are sharing music, without having to follow them
  • Tune out the music being shared by those you already follow, without having to unfollow them

This means that you can use Music WithMe to discover what artists are hot right now on Twitter, but you don’t have to go on a follow-unfollow binge to connect with the right types of music lovers. They’ll all be there at your finger-tips, and you won’t have to follow those you’re not interested in.

Conversely, you can continue to follow those poor souls with terrible music taste, but use Music WithMe to block out all of their song sharing.

Jeff Fedor, co-CEO of ParkVu, the creators of the Music WithMe app, discusses why the social update:

“We know from experience that just because you are following someone on Twitter and are interested in what they have to say, it doesn’t mean you like the music they share. Now music lovers can refine their own social networking by tuning in to the music shared by those with similar tastes or the tastemakers themselves while tuning out the music shared by those who don’t.”

The app has been approved to access 100% of the music shared on Twitter. This means that 100% of the music that the people you follow share through services like Pandora, Soundtracking and more will appear in your “Friends” stream at Music WithMe. Likewise, you can access 100% of the music shared by people you don’t follow, simply by “tuning in” via the app.

(Image courtesy of Trishie Bee via Shutterstock)