Mozilla Releases Firefox Web Browser on iOS

The Web browser allows users to sync their Firefox account to access their browsing history, tabs, passwords and more.

Mozilla has announced the release of its Firefox Web browser app on iOS devices. The app allows users to connect their Firefox account to access their browsing history, tabs, saved passwords and bookmarks within the app.

The browser’s tab management feature allow users to switch between multiple windows by pressing the tab button in the top-right corner of the screen, while private browsing (when activated) allows users to browse websites without saving their browsing history or sharing existing cookies with the sites they visit.

Elsewhere, the app’s settings menu allows users to select their default search engine from options like Yahoo, Google and Bing (among others), and users can turn on search suggestions to see phrases and words appear as suggested search topics as they type. In addition, as users type to search, they can tap on each supported search engine’s icon at the bottom of the screen, if they’d like to see results from a particular one (including options for Amazon and Twitter search results).

Finally, while using other apps, users can tap the Firefox icon in their device’s share menu to send links from those apps to Firefox.

On Mozilla’s blog, Nick Nguyen, vice president of Firefox product, commented:

I hope you enjoy the first ever release of Firefox for iOS, and expect to see much more from us soon as we are going full speed ahead on continuously delivering new features. I’m proud of the team for getting us to where we are today and excited about where we’ll be in the future.

Firefox is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.