Find All Your Favorite Movie Clips On YouTube In HD

Thanks to a new partnership with, you can now watch all of your favorite movie scenes on YouTube in HD. Find out more after the jump.

Thanks to a new partnership with, you can now watch all of your favorite movie scenes on YouTube in HD.  Back in 2009, MovieClips launched as a search engine for movies, hosting over 20,000 HD movie clips from the libraries of all the major studios.  These Hollywood movie clips have now made their way to YouTube with a new deal that cements Movieclip’s position as the VEVO of film clips on YouTube.

What Movieclips does, in a nutshell, is take out classic popular scenes from movies, tag them and make them searchable.  They’ve got deals with all of the major Hollywood studios, including 20th Century Fox, MGM, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Pictures to make it all possible.

Zach James, the co-founder of Movieclips, spoke to Leena Rao of TechCrunch about the new partnership.  He told her that the deal that they struck with YouTube and the movie studios is very similar to the deal that VEVO struck with YouTube and the music studios.  “Everything that we’ve done on our site—all the clips that we’ve metatagged, all the clips that we’ve clipped, we’re now migrating over to YouTube, so they can be found on YouTube.  So if you go and search for ‘Say Hello to my little friend’ you won’t get a low quality version with some guy, like, dangling a cat in front of the screen.  It’s actually going to be HD quality, from the studios and the exact scene that you remember.”

According to Leena, “Along with the studio partnerships, Movieclips has also developed proprietary technology that assigns up to 1,000 points of data to every scene, making it super easy to find scenes by actor, film title, dialogue snippet, mood, director, genre, etc.”  What’s really cool is that Movieclips has arranged all of this data into a cool interactive search engine on their YouTube channel that lets you browse their clips according to everything from movie title to director, actor, genre, mood, prop, writer, composer and more.

Check out the video below to browse Movieclip videos on YouTube by title or to see what’s popular right now, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.  Were you able to find your favorite movie scene on YouTube?

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