Motorola Pushing Xoom Update To Prepare For Flash

After following the saga of the Windows Phone updates that is ongoing over the last couple of weeks, I couldn’t help but do a double-take when I saw this article by James Kendrick reporting that Motorola is pushing an over-the-air update to the Xoom. What caught my attention is the fact that the update being pushed at the moment is needed to prepare the Xoom to receive a later update that will add support for Adobe Flash. In other words, Motorola is about to do something with the Xoom that Microsoft has been fumbling at doing over the last several weeks. I wonder if Motorola will do a better job than Microsoft?
As Todd has reported, Adobe Flash 10.2 for Android will be released on March 18. In addition to providing support for Android 2.2 and newer, the player has been optimized to run on tablets that have Android 3 (Honeycomb). The tablet optimizations include support for larger screens as well as the Tegra processor in the Xoom.
Like Todd, I have avoided running Flash on my smartphones beyond testing it, and I have not had any instances when I wish it was on my phone. On the other hand, I have had occasions when I have loaded web pages on my iPad to find Flash videos that I wish I was able to play. Based on my experience, I think Flash is more useful on larger screen devices such as tablets.