Motorola Is Differentiating With Ruggedness

The Android phone market is pretty crowded with HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and others all competing to sell the hottest phone running Android. You might notice that most of the phones these companies are creating look very much a like. The problem the handset manufacturers have is differentiating themselves within the constraints of what the market appears to like in mobile phone design. Motorola did something different on Monday by announcing the Defy, which is a ruggedized version of an Android smartphone, on the Oprah Winfrey show. The tech blogs appear to think that Oprah is a strange venue to announce a smartphone, but the venue tells me that Motorola is targetting the phone at women.

Women tend to be more practical in their gadget choices. Women want to be able to put their mobile phone in their purse and not have to worry about getting the screen on the phone all scratched up. Motorola sold a lot of flip phones to people concerned about the phone’s durability, so to me it makes perfect sense that they would develop a smartphone targetted at women and announce it on Oprah.

The Defy is not the first ruggedized smartphone to be sold, the problem with past models is that they have not looked very attractive and they usually cost more than regular smartphones. From the pictures that I have seen, the Defy appears to look as good as other Android smartphones so the question is going to be, how much is the Defy going to cost? I think that it if sells at the same prices as other Android smartphones, at $200 with a two year contract, the Defy will stand a chance of selling pretty well.