Motorola Announces $1,999 Cell Phone

Motorola has announced the Aura, a $1,999 luxury cell phone that the handset vendor hopes will be a RAZR-sized hit for the well-heeled, Yahoo Tech reports.

What could possibly make a handset worth two grand? The Aura features a swivel design, which some of Motorola’s earlier handsets exhibited—but this time, manufactured to Rolex-like tolerances, according to the report. It includes a 62-carat sapphire lens, a fully circular LCD display that Motorola claims is the first ever, an etched stainless steel form factor, PVD coating that mimics high-end watches, and an all-aluminum keypad.

As for tech specs, it’s pretty pedestrian, with 2GB of internal storage, a 2 megapixel camera, basic MPEG-4 video playback, an MP3 player, and no 3G support.