More People Seek Health Info Online

Online health videos are a top resource for nearly 50% of people searching for information on medical conditions and prescription drugs, according to the results of the 12th annual Consumer Reaction to DTC Advertising of Prescription Drugs national survey, which is conducted by Prevention, Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines and published by Rodale, with technical assistance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communication.

Health-information Websites such as WebMD, The Mayo Clinic and were the leading destinations for those videos, at 43%, followed by pharmaceutical Websites (14%), video-sharing sites (9%) and social-networking sites (6%).

In addition, of the 1,501 adults surveyed via telephone by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from April 14-24, 36% searched healthcare information on; 36% read online forums or message boards on health-related topics; and 27% read blogs on health-related topics.