More MSNBC Issues: Network Sued for Misidentifying Michigan Man as Criminal

MSNBC FailSo, for the past few weeks, MSNBC has been in the news, instead of reporting it.

Most recently, we have MSNBC celebrating Cinco de Mayo in an appalling way with sombreros and Tequila. Then, Chuck Todd got called out by CNN‘s Vaughn Sterling in a glorious way for the peacock’s “breaking news.” And then, there was that time when MSNBC decided to broadcast its own “Racial Draft,” because Dave Chappelle’s skits needs to be resurrected on national news formats.

This #MSNBCFail actually occurred in October 2009 but it is just now seeing its day in court. For those who have misplaced their “Media 101” handbook, here’s Rule No. 4,934 of “How not to screw your entire credibility with one report.” Get the name right, please. Yes, this really happened.

keith todd

Keith Todd. Todd Keith. Toe-may-to. Toh-mah-toe. What the hell?

Meet Keith Todd. 

One day in Detroit, he was a happy-go-lucky construction worker. And then one fateful night, he became a shirtless junkie who went brokeback on a stolen limousine screaming something like a crackhead would, “Don’t taze me, bro!” That, according to the Detroit Free Press

Oh, yeah. One problem. As MSNBC was droning on-and-on about this caught on dash-cam festival, the crackhead’s real name should have been pronounced “Todd Keith.” Yeah, hurts to miss that one.

[Keith Todd’s] uncle had been watching “Caught on Camera: Dash Cam Diaries” on MSNBC when he saw Todd’s name and face connected to the perpetrator, identified as a habitual criminal.

Misery ensued, as outlined in a lawsuit that Todd, 32, of Wyoming filed in April against NBC Universal, the Eastpointe Police Department and A One Limousine. Public humiliation, crying spells, loss of employment income and more are described in the complaint filed in Wayne County Circuit Court.

It may have been a dyslexic moment. It may have been an oversight in production. Yet, no on-air correction was made and this humble construction guy was made into ‘Public Enemy No. 1.” Yet, if anything encapsulates the drama at MSNBC as the beleaguered looks to buy ratings on the street corner from a pusher who works at Nielsen, it’s this quote from Todd’s lawyer:

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot of quality control,” said Jonathan Browning, the Grand Rapids lawyer representing Todd. “Nobody bothered to take a close look and confirm it was the right person.”

He said the program aired in November and January, after which he sent a letter to MSNBC asking for a retraction.

Keep leaning forward,MSNBC. You might just fall right off the cliff.