More Local TV Stations Go Mobile

Local TV stations are aiming their brands at the road warrior with new offerings designed to make the TV medium interactive, portable and personal, as Mediaweek is reporting in a new article by Katy Bachman.

Just in the last 18 months alone, more than 200 stations have begun to offer mobile TV “packages” in varying levels of detail. Aside from the usual news, weather, and sports scores, viewers can pick up school closings, construction zones, high school game scores, and even local lottery winning numbers, according to the report.

“A year ago, mobile was brand new. But TV stations know it’s going to be huge and that gives us time to get a great product solidified so we’re not caught off guard,” said Peter Raih, product manager for Internet Broadcasting, which has 30 mobile TV-station affiliates, in the article.

More TV Stations Dialing Up Mobile Apps [Mediaweek]