More Details on the Upcoming Facebook Movie

Source: 02138

Today more details were released about the Facebook movie which is in the works by Aaron Sorkin, creator of the West Wing. The movie is supposedly going to be based on a book created by Ben Mezrich who is also the author of Bringing Down the House. According to 02138, Mezrich also recently sold a book called Face Off, “a book on the origins of Facebook”, for $1.9 million to Doubleday.

The book has been criticized by a number of people about how it exaggerates a number of components of the story, including that he is a koala-eating jet-setter as Caroline McCarthy pointed out back in May. There has been a ton of buzz about this and based on the rumors about this book it sounds like the buzz is only going to get louder. It sounds like Mark Zuckerberg isn’t covered in a favorable light, especially if he is eating Koalas (nobody likes a koala-eater).

Just earlier this week news about the movie became widespread and it looks like this will only continue as roles are cast and production gets under way. No matter how Facebook is portrayed in this movie, it sounds like this is going to be a juicy story … the anticipation is killing me! The movie will also discuss how the movie was created and try to tackle the age old question of: who did Mark Zuckerberg steal the Facebook idea from?

While I doubt this movie will come up with the accurate answer to the story, I’m sure it will be an interesting version! For those looking to purchase your tickets to the Facebook Movie (which may be title Face Off), you may be waiting a while as most movies take months if not years to produce. Our projected date of release? June 2009! This is based on nothing but gut instinct.

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