More Advertisers Flee Limbaugh’s Radio Show

When last we checked in on Rush Limbaugh, Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke was dismissing his half-assed apology for the disgusting attack against her on his radio show and eight advertisers had  pulled their dollars. That number has now climbed up over 100.

Among those who have cancelled is Premiere Networks, Limbaugh’s syndicator, which is pulling its barter ads for the next couple of weeks. Think Progress says it has an internal memo listing dozens of advertisers that want to pull their ads, including Honda, Sony, and Clorox. Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda have called for Limbaugh to be pulled off the air entirely.

Interestingly, Sleep Train, one of the first advertisers to cancel, asked to come back to the show on Thursday. The L.A. Times said it received an email from Limbaugh’s spokesperson, Brian Glicklich,saying that the show is refusing to put the advertising back on the air. Glicklich is the president of How Handy Is That, a digital comms and crisis firm.

“‘Unfortunately,’ Glicklich wrote, ‘your public comments were not well received by our audience, and did not accurately portray either Rush Limbaugh’s character or the intent of his remarks,” the email read. “Thus, we regret to inform you that Rush will be unable to endorse Sleep Train in the future.”

On The Lawrence O’Donnell Show, Tom Taylor, the editor of, said that Limbaugh is trying to “get a handle” on the situation in the hopes that maybe he can “cool things down a bit.”

Besides being hit in the pocketbook, his influence could be taking a hit. The New York Daily News proposes that his conservative supporters may decide that his rhetoric is not anything they want to be tied to in the future, even if they are calling the current backlash a liberal media bias.  A Rasmussen Reports study says that fewer than a third of the respondents in one of their recent polls believed Limbaugh’s apology.

Not only is Limbaugh getting what he deserves in the short-term, long-term he could be dealing with a loss of trust. Still, he’s hanging in there, taking shots at Obama on today’s show and saying that it’s the Democrats that are probably in a panic. You just keep talking Limbaugh. We see where that’s gotten you.

[image: AP]