Mondly Language Learning App Receives Conversational Chatbot

ATi Studios updated its Mondly language learning app with a conversational chatbot that allows users to practice speaking in different languages by having conversations with the bot.

ATi Studios updated its Mondly language learning application with a conversational chatbot that allows users to practice speaking in different languages by having conversations with the bot.

The chatbot speaks to users in a human voice, and it allows users to practice conversations in the app’s 33 supported languages. Users can practice speaking in conversations based on three scenarios: making introductions, ordering food at a restaurant and checking into a hotel.

During a conversation, the chatbot will say a phrase or ask a question, and users can reply by either saying a phrase from the list of suggested replies, or by creating their own reply that fits the conversation.

ATi Studios said the chatbot will become better over time by “learning” from conversations. During an initial test of the feature with 50,000 users, ATi Studios said 80 percent of users successfully completed a conversation with the chatbot.

In a statement, Alexandru Iliescu, co-founder and CEO of ATi Studios, commented:

The best way to learn a new language is to build your confidence with practice. We’ve taken chatbot technology and combined it with a speech-recognition platform, then added our own object-recognition system. The result is that we’ve created something that is fun, useful and unique for language learners. This new feature is truly a revolutionary new way to learn a new language and we’re proud that Mondly is the first to do it.

Mondly is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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