Mom'sCrowd adds up to the mommy niche social networks

momscrowd_logo.jpgThe mothers, mommy, work-at-home moms niche social networks gets even bigger with the addition of another social network geared for our dearly beloved mothers. Let’s all welcome Mom’sCrowd, a new parent social networking site that offers mommy’s with community building tools, video messaging, forums and more.

The Mom’sCrowd offers an online for mothers to create, collaborate and share on various parental wisdom, raising kids, finacial woes and whatever issues that mothers usually face in their daily lives.


In addition to being a social networking site for moms to build a network of support, Mom’sCrowd also provides an avenue for members to find jobs, buy and sell items and accomplish other taks through the help of other members. Mom’sCrowd provides a freely accessible video chat rooms where members can easily community in a real-time simulated video messages. With video messages, the line of communication is given a personal touch as it is definitely different when communicating via video than through text, or email.

Mom’sCrowd is open to all mothers and would-be-mothers as well.