Mom Tweets 104 Times During Labor

Having a baby can be a joyful but stressful event – and adding a live account of the whole process on your Twitter account can’t make it any easier. A mother recently tweeted 104 times, non-stop, for three days of intensive labor leading up to the birth of her son.

The Daily Mail reports that Rachael Ince spent a good portion of her labor in early December tweeting madly from her iPhone, updating her followers on all of the events of her son’s birth right up until their discharge.

In the short time she was tweeting her labor, Ince’s follower count went from about 400 to just under 800.

With over 104 posts, there’s lots of fodder for both entertainment and some education for people unfamiliar with what labor really means. Here are a few of our favorites:

December 3rd: 10:55: Mum has now gone to bed in our bed so things had better bloody happen tonight. Should I walk around to encourage things?

December 4th: 10:58: Local paper showing an interest in me for tweeting the birth. Best watch what I say from now on. Nothing too gruesome.

2:39: And we’re definitely going to miss X Factor tonight. Will be relying on friends to keep me updated.

10:20PM: Elliot Chester was born at 7pm weighing 7lb 1oz. And I was expecting a big ‘un!

11:45: Goodnight twitter. Hope you enjoyed my 24 hours of £givingbirth. Now to sleep for at least 12. Please.

You can read all of Ince’s updates by following her Twitter account.

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