Mogad: The Social Content Finder for Facebook

Blake Commangere, developer of the Zobies, WereWolves, Vampires and Causes applications has launched a social content discovery application with Lucas Ryan and Yanda Erlich. The application while similar in concept to StumbleUpon, uses Facebook to handle the social connections. The application is relatively simple. All you do is install a browser widget and suggest sites as you are browsing the web.

Rather than sorting information by category, as StumbleUpon does, the Discoveries applcation (which is powered by Mogad), sorts contend based on what your friends suggest. Unfortunately, when I was testing the application, none of my friends had added the application yet so none of my content was very relevant.

When you initially configure the application, you can select sites that you would like to see in your Mogad feed. For some reason I had content from sites that I hadn’t selected yet none of my friends had installed the application. Blake has said that they are still in beta and perfecting the algorithm so there may be some small bugs. For now though, the application seems to work and the concept of social discovery is a powerful one.

One thing that I find interesting about this application is how it leverages Facebook to manage all of the social connections. Leveraging Facebook in such a way can be extremely powerful when launching your own site. Rather than spending time to develop the social component of your application, you can easily tie into Facebook to leverage their social components. If you’d like to try getting content based on what your friends are reading, go grab the Discoveries application.

Discoveries Homepage

Discoveries homepage

Discoveries Content Selection Page

Discoveries Content Selection Page