MOG Streams Music to iPhone & Android

Music On The Go (MOG) is a subscription streaming music application that works on Android and iOS phones. For $10 per month you get access to the service’s catalog of 8 million songs. Unlike services like Slacker Radio and Pandora that provide streaming playlists that are based on artists that you select, MOG enables you to select any album or song that you want to listen to, although the service also has radio channels that act the same way as Pandora and Slacker.
Perhaps one of the best features of MOG is that it provides a free three day trial without requiring that you provide any information. The application uses a temporary user id and password generated when the app is installed to log in to the service for the three days. While MOG streams music, you can also download songs and albums to your phone to play while you don’t have an Internet connection. I do find that the streaming works best over Wi-Fi and that on 3G connections there is a noticable delay between tracks as the songs have to download before being played. Downloaded music can remain on your phone as long as you maintain the subscription and you can only play the music with the MOG app.
MOG provides several ways for you to discover new music. New Releases appear as a menu option and it has a pretty extensive list of albums. MOG Charts is a little more limited in selection, though I assume it is a list of the top artists that is being played with MOG. Today’s Picks is another list of albums from different artists that is updated daily.
According to Engadget, MOG does not play in the background on the iPhone 4, though I had no problems playing music with MOG while running other apps on my Nexus One. To date, of the streaming music services that I have seen for mobile phones, MOG has the largest catalog, which justifies the higher monthly cost than Slacker Radio, which costs $5 per month. Slacker and Pandora both have ad supported free options that MOG does not provide.
I personally think that the combination streaming & download services like MOG are perfect for mobile phones because most phones have a limited amount of storage that prohibit downloading a large music collection. If you are interested in trying out MOG you will find it in the iPhone App store and the Android Market.