Model Live-Tweets Married Man Hitting On Her

What happens when you combine a few beers, a married actor, a beautiful young model with a penchant for hilarity and a cross-country flight? A scandalous live-tweet event that makes headlines, of course.

Check it out!

Melissa Stetten is a model with a pretty decent Twitter following – and a pretty solid sense of humor.


Well, it turns out Ms. Stetten was on a flight recently and had the (dis)pleasure of sitting next to an actor, Brian Presley. Mail Online tells us that interaction between the two was (according to Ms. Stetten) decidely one-sided and pretty ridiculous. And we have Ms. Setten’s tweets so you can judge for yourself (read from bottom to top):


Brian Presley denies Ms. Stettens’ account and has posted the following public response on this Facebook page:


Unfortunately, many are skeptical of his version of events.


So how much of Stetten’s account rings true? Well, it appears Presley did graduate from high school in Oklahoma and he was in a movie with Kurt Russell, called Touchback. But she certainly could have googled that info. But . . . why would she? She’s almost doubled her Twitter following since this story broke, but is that worth it?
What do you think? A case of a model looking for publicity or a married man behaving badly and getting what he deserves? Sound off in the comments!


(Woman texting image from Shutterstock)