Mobile Use of Facebook Exploding

FacebookConnectlogo.jpgVentureBeat reports that social networking giant Facebook has unveiled Facebook Connect for the mobile web.

Facebook Connect is continuing its march across multiple mobile platforms as the company endeavors to make itself the primary identification system for the web.

The company announced Facebook Connect for the mobile web today at Nokia World in Stuttgart, Germany, giving app developers outside of the iPhone an easier way to reach the social network’s users and their data.

Facebook Connect enables outside applications to access a member’s Facebook profile data when they register or use a service, thus avoiding the hassle of retyping personal information. It was launched last December.

It’s not just Facebook members who stand to benefit from mobile Connect. As VentureBeat points out, “The more applications Facebook Connect can bleed into, the stronger the company’s chances are of building an advertising platform across the mobile web where they can connect brands with apps or sites fitting a target audience.”

In another article, VentureBeat reports that mobile use of Facebook is skyrocketing:

About half of its 250 million monthly users worldwide log-in everyday. About a quarter, or 65 million, used the site from mobile devices in August, according to Henri Moissinac, director of Facebook Mobile. That more than three times what it was in December, when 20 million users were using Facebook through apps and the company’s mobile web page.