Chris Nerney

Update: Site Takes Down Racist Image of Michelle Obama

Yesterday WebNewser wrote about the racist image that showed up as the top return in a Google Image search for Michelle Obama. Well, now the offensive image has been removed […]

Social Media Practices of Top U.S. Charities

Since Thanksgiving is a time when we not only give thanks for what we have, but also extend a hand to those in need, this blog post from web marketing […]

Are Your Twitter Analytics Tools Just ‘Data Puking’?

If there’s one thing Twitter lends itself to (OK, two things, if you count brevity) it’s metrics. Twitter data can be sliced, diced, charted, graphed and turned inside out. But […]

HootSuite Integrates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Lists

Twitter management console HootSuite today announced the addition of new features designed to better integrate other social media tools and the latest Twitter applications. In a blog post today, HootSuite […]

Runner’s World Launches Route Finder

I’m not sure why it took Runner’s World so long with this, given that MapMyRun has been around for at least a couple of years. Nonetheless, runners should welcome the […]

When Racists Take Advantage of Google’s Search ‘Integrity’

If you do a Google Image search for Michelle Obama, here’s what you get. Notice the very first image, on the top left. No, that’s not a still shot from […] and GE, Sitting In a Tree

It’s well known that little love is lost between Fox News Channel star Bill O’Reilly and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who long has been the target of O’Reilly broadsides. […]

YouTube Pulls Video of Paula Deen Getting Hit In Face By Flying Ham

However amusing the premise may sound, there really isn’t anything all that funny about a 62-year-old woman getting smacked in the face by a thrown ham. But many people on […]

BNO News to Launch Wire Service, Signs

Breaking news service BNO News, primarily known for its @BreakingNews Twitter account that has more than 1.4 million followers, has announced it will launch a paid-subscription newswire in early January. […]

Crowd Getting Tired of Sourcing Wikipedia

The number of volunteers who help write, edit and manage online encyclopedia Wikipedia is dwindling rapidly, according to this article in the Wall Street Journal: Volunteers have been departing the […]