Mobile Twitter Users Share 3X As Much As Facebook Users

Facebook might be the social behemoth in terms of number of users, but Twitter takes the crown for being the network with the most engaged users – at least on mobile.

More and more apps are looking for ways to incorporate social, often opting to include a “share” button for one of the major social networks. But if they had the option to only link up with one network, my money’s on Twitter.

According to a new study from Lolatycs, each Twitter user is, on average, likely to share three times more mobile in-app content than a Facebook user.

However, mobile app developers still prefer Facebook as their share button of choice, likely because Facebook’s massive userbase – which trumps Twitter’s – results in more sharing overall.

Facebook integration generates twice as many sharing events (defined as sharing, liking or following) as Twitter integration. However, that discrepancy is only due to Facebook’s larger overall userbase.

Twitter users do share three times as often as Facebook users, but when you look at active users, Twitter pulls even further ahead. Twitter’s active users generate 50 events per 1,000 users, while Facebook only generates 11 events per 1,000 active users.

The study examined all mobile apps with 500 or more monthly active users connecting to Twitter or Facebook across Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

Of these apps, they found that 20 percent connected to either Facebook or Twitter directly. Out of that 20 percent, ten percent connected to Facebook only, nine percent connected to both Twitter and Facebook, while only 1 percent connected to Twitter alone.

(Image courtesy of blanche via Shutterstock)