Mobile Social Networks Are the Future

If you think about it, one of the greatest successes of Twitter has been the ability to easily communicate while on the go. You can view what your friends are talking about and participate in live conversation all from the comfort of your mobile phone. For those with little time, sites like Facebook and MySpace can be too time consuming to become involved on a regular basis. That’s why social networks are going to rapidly become more mobile.

Browse through Facebook and you’ll rapidly begin to notice that it resembles a phone book in the way that you can search through your “friends” and view all of their contact information. In a session at the GSMA Mobile World Conference, RIM’s co-CEO stated that social networking is the future of the company. He stated that social networking will soon become as pervasive within enterprises as instant messaging already is.

Mobile companies will need to either become “pipes or platforms.” As I wrote earlier this morning, Zynga has already launched a platform. It appears that the concept of building platforms that any developer can build on has extended beyond social networks and has moved into social networks and will soon enter mobile. So far the best mobile social network tool that I’ve used is Facebook for Blackberry.

There is a whole new wave of services being offered for mobile and soon enough we’ll begin seeing new mobile services appear at the same pace that new “Web 2.0” sites have been sprouting up over the past couple years. Have you used any highly engaging mobile social networks?