Mobile Platform Wars Heat Up as GPhone Prepares for October Launch

Eric Eldon at Venturebeat has confirmed that Google will be releasing the first version of their much anticipated phone on October 17th. The phone will be called the “G1” and will be launched with the HTC “Dream” later this month. It’s clear that T-Mobile is on board with Google but what about other companies that are in the space?

While in New York for the past week I’ve spoken with a number of individuals including people at large mobile manufacturers as well as startups looking to take advantage of the opening mobile platforms. Some have suggested that most device manufacturers as well as mobile service providers will quickly adopt the Android platform to stay competitive in the marketplace.

A few manufacturers though are going after Google and Apple. Nokia recently acquired Symbian and is now looking to open-source the platform in the near future. RIM has yet to state anything publicly about releasing a more open platform but given that the company’s stock has been down almost 35 percent since its peak back on June 20, the company must make a big announcement soon.

There are plenty of other smart-phone competitors which fail to provide as efficient and robust a directory as is now available via Apple and will soon be available with Google Android. The next 12 to 24 months will mark a massive shift for a domestic industry which was previously far behind in the international marketplace.

I have previously compared the launch of the Apple iPhone platform to that of the Facebook platform in that both were catalyst for substantial change within their industries. Now we are one month away from what will be the second big step in the mobile platform wars. One thing is certain: the mobile industry in the U.S. has an exciting year ahead!