Mobile Game Roundup: Starlit Adventures, Blendoku 2 and More

We take a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new game to play this weekend? There are lots of new releases for you to try this week, including Princess Bride Slots from Zynga. The game features slot machines inspired by the film The Princess Bride.

Disney also released its latest game this week, The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing, based on the Disney Pixar film The Good Dinosaur, which releases in theaters on Nov. 25. The game has gameplay similar to that of Crossy Road, and challenges players to help Arlo and Spot avoid obstacles and evil dinosaurs in multiple gameplay modes.

Looking for something different to try? Here’s a look at some of the additional mobile games released this week.

Starlit Adventures (Free on iOS, Android) – From Rockhead Games, Starlit Adventures is a level-based puzzle game, challenging players to help Bo and Kikki retrieve the stars which have been stolen from the sky. The game offers 80 levels across eight worlds, which see players use left, right and down buttons to mine down through environments and clear a path to the exit. Gamers can take a hit before failing the stage, and will restart at their most recently activated level checkpoint. In addition to the game’s main levels, an infinite tower challenges players to survive as long as possible. Over time, users will collect new outfits for Bo and Kikki, which offer different abilities, as well as sticker packs which give players extra rewards. Stickers can be traded with friends.

MMA Manager Free (Free on iOS, Android) – Following the release of a paid version of the game earlier this year, Bit By Bit Games has released a free, ad-supported version of its MMA management simulation game on iOS and Android. The game allows players to manage their own gym and a team of fighters from multiple weight classes, and with different fighting styles. The game also allows users to upgrade their gym, hire coaches to train their fighters and more. Players will book fights for their fighters, and may need to deal with issues like missing weight or injuries, as examples.

Coin-Op Heroes 2 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From RedSix Interactive Entertainment, this clicker or idle game challenges players to progress through more than 40 levels of enemies by rapidly tapping on the screen to attack enemies with their main hero. As players defeat enemies, they’ll unlock new units for their team, which cause damage even when they’re not tapping on the screen. Players can upgrade their units, as well as their main hero, to increase their attack power. Gamers can stay on the same level as long as they’d like while they upgrade their hero and team, and must spend coins to unlock each new level as they progress.

Brainstorm ($2.99 on iOS, Android) – From Sly Trunk, this party game features nine game types, which will see players match tiles, rearrange items into the correct order based on a prompt, draw pictures and shout out names of items which fit a specific category, as examples. The team-based game requires a minimum of four players, and allows players to choose the categories they’d like to play, or to play them all.

Oinky Boinky (Free on iOS) – From Rekkener, this action game challenges players to help Oinky the pig and Boinky the hedgehog bounce Boinky as high as possible into the sky by tapping at the right time to inflate Oinky and cause Boinky to bounce higher. If players tap too early, Boinky will lose momentum, and if players tap too late, Boinky will hit the ground and the game will end. As levels progress, Boinky may move right of left in the air, and players can move Oinky to catch him by swiping on the screen. When Boinky reaches a specific height in each stage, players move to a new level and begin again. Gamers can collect coins as they play, which can be spent on new characters to replace both Oinky or Boinky. These characters can also be purchased instantly with real money.