Mobile Game Roundup: Piano City, Speedy Pups, Indy Cat and More

As we head into cooler weather, and many of us begin to spend more time indoors, it’s likely we’ll start looking for new iOS and Android games to play during these colder months. Keeping that in mind, here’s a quick look at some of the games you might have missed this month.

Piano City (Free on iOS) – Room 8’s music game [featured at top] officially launched this month, challenging users to become the best musicians possible, one rhythm-based round at a time. In each song, users tap on keys as notes slide down from the top of the keyboard, all in time to the music. The game’s soundtrack includes classic melodies, as well as modern hits from the likes of Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and more. Players complete quests, will perform in grand concert halls and more on their way to the top.

Speedy Pups (Free on iOS, Android) – Spotcos’ side-scrolling platformer pays homage to the fast-paced, 16-bit gameplay of titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, and asks players to help a set of dogs rescue their puppies from evil cat robots. The game offers two modes: Endless and Challenge. In Endless, players run as long as they can across the screen, jumping over obstacles (like water and spikes), collecting dog bones and more. In Challenge, players run while completing specific tasks, like collecting bones in bulk. Players can continue in the Endless mode as long as they have lives available (which are scattered throughout the land while playing). Players can purchase premium power-ups, along with additional playable dogs, with premium currency.Cash DashCash Dash (Free on iOS, Android) – 26 Gaming’s level-based adventure game follows social media personalities Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds and Hayes Grier on a quest to complete levels as quickly as possible and climb associated leaderboards. Players are challenged to beat each level in three minutes or less, avoiding obstacles and enemies, while picking up candy bars and more. Each week, the game is updated with new content, including digital rewards. For fan service, users can receive notifications when the ‘boys’ publish new videos and tweets in the real world.

Indy Cat (Free on Android) – PlayFlock’s Indy Cat was originally released on Facebook, and offers match-three gameplay to players. The game is themed after a cat that thinks he’s Indiana Jones, and sees users completing levels with specific goals for each. Players can create power-ups to clear large numbers of gems from the board at once, and can purchase premium boosts to help them while playing.

Etherlords (Free on iOS) – Etherlords comes from strategy game developer Nival and Targem Games, and takes players to a world where the “Cataclysm” has fractured the world into numerous pieces. Players take on the role of an Etherlord, and must fight other demigods using collectible creatures. During battles, units use lesser attacks automatically, while a bar fills at the bottom of the screen. Each time it’s full, players can choose and unleash a powerful attack or healing spell to damage the enemy or help their team. After competing, gamers walk away with a powerful material called Matter, which is used to restore the fractured parts of the world. As users play, they’ll collect extra monsters, which can be fused with others to make them stronger, or simply swapped out to create a stronger team by default.

Fist of Fury (Free on iOS) – Fist of Fury comes from Happymagenta, and offers simplistic survival gameplay. The player’s character stands in the middle of the screen, with enemies approaching from multiple directions. As enemies reach the middle as well, users swipe in the appropriate direction (left, right, up or down) to attack the nearest enemy. Enemies continue to appear until one is eventually allowed to attack the hero, and the game ends. Overall, Fist of Fury is a quest to earn the most points possible for bragging rights on social media, with users also unlocking additional playable characters when they’ve reached certain point milestones.

Chicken Scramble (Free on iOS) – Rocket Bottle Games’ Chicken Scramble is a 2048-style game, but instead of combining numbers, players complete levels by swiping on the screen to move and combine eggs and chickens to create new animals. They’re challenged to do so without running out of moves, and will receive up to three stars on each stage, depending on their performance. Levels become more complicated as players progress, with blocks that may stop the flow of certain objects across the screen, for instance.

Battle Riders ($0.99 on iOS) – This combat racing game sees users racing around tracks, defeating other vehicles with the weapons attached to their own car. Users can upgrade the performance and weapons of their vehicle, and will complete races across six gameplay modes: duel, battle race, survival, elimination, clean race and time trial. Players have seven types of cars to choose from, which can also be given visual enhancements, on top of the performance boosts.

Bio Inc (Free on Android) – Previously released on iOS as a premium game, DryGin Studios’ Bio Inc has launched for free on Android to “reach as many gamers as possible.” The game is categorized as a biomedical strategy game, and offers level-based play, as users work to infect and actually harm patients, rather than heal them. Each level features a patient with a different set of risk factors. Players then infect these patients with diseases or conditions appropriate to those individuals, with the hopes of “terminating” the patient before doctors can find a cure. This is accomplished by collecting the bacteria that forms over time inside the patient, and spending it as currency on disease trees. Again, though, some problems are locked behind risk factors, giving each level a different avenue for success.

Bowmaster 2: Archery Tournament (Free on iOS) – This archery title supports both left-handed and right-handed players, and presents users with a first-person perspective for shooting arrows at targets on the screen. Using two fingers, or both thumbs, users control the aim of the bow and the pull of the string before firing each shot. Players complete tournaments against AI-controlled opponents as they attempt to earn the most points in each game. As players complete tournaments, the game becomes more complicated, with different sizes and shapes of targets, as well as moving targets.