Mobile Game News Roundup: Christmas 2014 Edition

My CountryAs we celebrate the Christmas holiday season, mobile developers are hoping to snag a bit of your time with themed content updates in many popular games on iOS, Android and beyond. Here’s a look at just a handful of the updates available, which should offer a little something for every type of gamer.

2020: My Country (iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows) – In Game Insight’s city-builder, players will need to solve the mystery of Santa’s disappearance through a new series of quests. Users can place a Christmas tree in their town and decorate it, or send holiday presents to their friends as free gifts. Finally, players can place new decorations and buildings in their town, and if they complete all of the game’s “Winter Season” activities, they’ll receive 50 CountryBucks.Airport CityAirport City (iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows) – In this airport-focused city-builder, players will need to help Santa save Christmas after he loses his sleigh and gifts. Users can complete four unique Christmas collections and send special Christmas flights around the world. In addition, players have access to special winter buildings and a new type of plane, the Jet-Powered Sleigh.

Cloud Raiders (iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows) – In this strategy combat game, players will face off against “Mad Santa,” who, instead of giving gifts, has decided to steal players’ loot. Players can access the new Xmas Island skin for their land, and will receive new gifts each day during the 12 days leading up to Christmas. In addition, a giant Titan has fallen on players’ islands, and gamers will need to defeat him to claim Santa’s “secret stash.” Finally, players can access the Elves’ war chest, but must claim it before time runs out.Sunshine BaySunshine Bay (Android) – This tropical city-builder has been updated with new collections to complete and a Christmas cruise feature, along with a Christmas tree for players’ towns.

Legacy of Transylvania (iOS) – During this Christmas event, players will find that the main Christmas symbol has disappearance, and they’ll need to bring it back while also solving an “ancient calendar’s” riddle. Players can complete more than 30 new quests during this event, and explore a new location: the Winter Garden. Finally, players can finish six new collections in the game.Mystery ManorMystery Manor (iPhone, Android, Amazon) – The hidden object game has been updated with a New Year Hall, as well as a Kind Snowman event and 14 new quests. Users will complete new Christmas collections and face off against new monsters, including sorcerer, magician and merry elves. Players can construct a Christmas tree in the manor, and can defeat a boss named Drosselmeyer to unlock a new room (a holiday edition of the Snow Queen’s Castle), among other events.Mirrors of AlbionMirrors of Albion (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Another hidden object game, Mirrors of Albion has been updated with a new quest line that will see players decorating a Christmas tree. At the end of the quest chain, players will receive access to a new location, the Christmas Tree itself. As a separate feature, players will need to save Santa’s Reindeer from the Queen of Hearts. These are just two of the in-game events, with others focusing on finding Santa’s costume, building a snowman with friends, and interacting with penguins who will give players Christmas gifts over time, among others.The TribezThe Tribez (iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows) – In this city-building game, players will defeat Yetis who have stolen Santa’s presents. In exchange, they’ll receive decorations for a new Christmas Tree. The Tribez and CastlezThe Tribez and Castlez (iOS, Android, Amazon) – In this medieval version of The Tribez, players will go after Gobules, who have stolen all of the letters delivered to Santa. As players work to help Santa retrieve them, they’ll decorate a Christmas tree and build their own presents.Flower HouseFlower House (iOS, Android, Amazon) – In the flower-growing game, players will help Miranda cook a Christmas dinner to receive prizes. Players can decorate their windows with holiday statues, and are encouraged to check in with the game each day to see new sales.

Hidden Land (iPad) – Players Level 12+ can complete a holiday themed quest line in this hidden object game, meeting a new character in the form of a Yeti, and unlocking the new Magic Sleigh scene. Players will interact with new mobs, including the Cheerful Elf, an Elf Keeper, a Greedy Gremlin and an Angry Gremlin. Finally, players have access to a Christmas tree, which gives away presents when players tap on it.

Maritime Kingdom (iOS) – An update as been released for players Level 8 and above, which allows them to destroy the pirates who have kidnapped Santa. Players will need to collect magic cannonballs to defeat the pirates, and after doing so, will receive a Christmas Tree for their island. Visual changes have also occurred, as players will see objects and locations covered in snow. Finally, players can purchase 10 new decorations, and send their ships to ports at the South Pole.

Mysterior (iPad) – Yet another Game Insight hidden object game, Mysterior will receive a new storyline, asking players to help Elli place and decorate the Christmas tree. When it’s finished, the tree will give away presents each hour to encourage users to return multiple times each day.

FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2: Country Escape (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Zynga has released the “Home for the Holidays” event in its mobile farming title, asking players to collect ornaments to decorate the special Holiday Tree on the farm, as well as collect gifts to give to the game’s computer-controlled friends. Players can send their Farmhands to key locations around the farm in order to earn special event items, which are then used in new crafting recipes. As players complete their friends’ wish lists, they’ll receive Mystery Gift Packages. Finally, players can call on Kris Kringle (a temporary Farmhand), who has a higher chance of receiving those event items when used in an exploration task. In addition to this update, Zynga has partnered with Save the Children for a new in-game campaign, allowing players to spend real money on in-game items, with Zynga’s share of the purchase price going to Save the Children.The Secret SocietyThe Secret Society: Hidden Mystery (Android, Amazon) – G5 Entertainment and MyTona have released a “winter wonderland” in this hidden object game, asking players to explore two new locations (“Excavations” and “Winter Street”) and complete 100 new quests and 16 new collections. The game has also been updated with new daily login bonuses, including Christmas puddings, candy canes, gingerbread houses and more. If players complete all of the holiday quests, they’ll receive a Holiday Talisman which increases their energy restoration going forward.

Modern Combat 5 (iOS, Android) – Gameloft’s first-person shooter has received a Christmas update containing changes to multiplayer maps and a special Santa Skin for VIPs. Players will see a winter blizzard effect on the Rooftop map, and will also see themed posters and props on all of the game’s multiplayer maps.

IronKill (iOS, Android) – From December 19 to January 2, players of Play Motion’s robot fighting game can complete the Christmas Clash tournament to receive a Frostbot, a holiday-themed robot. He offers a unique frostbite attack that freezes opponents with a block of ice.Heroes ChargeHeroes Charge (iOS, Android) – Similar to the game’s Thanksgiving celebration, users are encouraged to participate in a social event outside of the game itself. Starting December 18, players are encouraged to make a daily visit to the game’s Facebook fan page, where they’ll read tales about the game’s most popular heroes in a “Twelve Days of Heroes Charge” series. As users share their own stories and screenshots, they’ll receive a chance to win 100 Gems for use back in the game. These stories will be posted weekdays at 10AM Pacific.MonsuMonsu (iOS) – Boomlagoon’s collectible card-based platformer has been given a visual overhaul for the holidays, which sees users exploring the Freezing Forest (complete with snow-covered ground) while defeating enemies wearing red Santa hats.

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