Mobile analytics company Mobidia studies mobile shopping habits through 2013


A new report from mobile analytics company Mobidia and Yankee Group has analyzed mobile shopping over the course of 2013 and the recent holiday shopping season. The report shows 90 percent of consumers are interested in mobile coupons and shopping, with up to 66 percent of ‘advanced’ mobile consumers using their shopping apps to receive coupons, check product reviews, receive text offers, respond to daily deals and more.

The report examined the 11-month average usage rates for 80 popular shopping apps across both Android and iOS, including apps from both brick-and-mortar and online retailers, as well as social shopping and deals apps and payment vendors. It measured engagement as the number of weekly active users in relation to an app’s monthly active users.

Retailers including Kohl’s and Starbucks sit at the top of the chart, with usage rates of 68 percent and 60 percent, respectively, due to their in-depth mobile applications. The industry average rests at 46 percent.

For a six-week period ending October 2013, apps for online retailers including Amazon Mobile, eBay and Etsy showed an average app engagement rate of 47 percent, while apps for brick-and-mortar retailers averaged 43 percent. However, even though the online retailer category had an overall higher engagement rate, the leaders in the brick-and-mortar space, Kohl’s and H&M, showed stronger app usage than any online retailer, at 73 and 61 percent, respectively.

Mobidia Mobile Shopping Whitepaper Jan 2014.pdf (page 5 of 9)-1

Mobidia Mobile Shopping Whitepaper Jan 2014.pdf (page 5 of 9)

This higher app usage is attributed to the variety of features available in these stronger apps. Aside from just purchase options, the most successful apps offer inventory checkers, rewards systems and “look books,” among other features. In addition, a device’s operating system was shown to be a large factor when it comes to customer engagement, as some of the 80 measured mobile apps offer different experiences to users on Android vs iOS.

For instance, iOS engagement rates were much higher for apps like RetailMeNot and Victoria’s Secret, with 79 percent and 76 percent engagement, respectively. On Android, those same two apps sit at just 43 and 41 percent.


“Mobidia’s application usage and engagement metrics provide a view into mobile shopping trends with a level of detail previously unavailable to retailers,” said Chris Hill, vice president of marketing at Mobidia. “As the mobile shopping market continues to grow, our data can help retail marketers become better informed about how their customers and competitors are using mobile shopping applications.”

The complete whitepaper of the report is available on Mobidia’s website.