MMORPG Launches with In-Game Twitter Tools

If you’ve played any PC or console game in the past few years, you’re probably used to seeing Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts marketing their visually-stunning wares. However, this is the first time we’ve heard of a non-social game (i.e. not one on Facebook) integrating social media directly into its functionality. With Rift, a new MMORPG on the market, you can tweet right from within the game client.

Rift has everything you’d expect from a fantasy online RPG. Lots of magic, elves, giant beasts and player-versus-player fighting. But it also has something you wouldn’t think to look for in the middle of casting lightening bolt – full Twitter integration.

Once players sign in to Twitter from within Rift, they will be able to post their tweets from within the game client itself. They can update their fellow Rift player about where they’re headed to do the next quest, or ask for help fighting a boss. Additionally, Rift makes it easy for players to take a screenshot of their character and tweet it to their followers.

And if players have their Twitter account set up to tweet directly to Facebook, they can let everyone in their social circle know about their level-ups in Rift.

Released March 1st in North America and March 4th in Europe, Rift might just find success in a seriously overcrowded PC gaming genre by encouraging gamers to brag about their achievements on their social networks.