MLB #PostSeason Tweets Show Heartbeat Of Sports Fans [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sports fans are among Twitter’s most active users. But their behavior patterns are often not like those power-users you see tweeting 25 times a day, even on Sundays – instead, they log on during a game, tweet and retweet like crazy, and log off.

TwitSprout, creators of a one-page Twitter dashboard for all the stats you could want about your Twitter profile, has taken a look at the surge of tweets sent during the MLB post season games, and discovered the heartbeat of baseball fans around the US.

We’ve written before about how Twitter intersects with the various sports around the globe, even going so far as to suggest that the 140-character messaging system might replace (if not, augment) sports commentary altogether.

But before that happens, we need to understand the data that all of these avid sports-and-Twitter fans create.

Posted on the TwitSprout blog, the below infographic shows how fans responded to different milestones throughout the Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees game on October 1st.

As they describe it in their blog, the graph – which shows the volume of tweets about the MLB per minute – is “like the heartbeat of social-America as they react to the game.” You can see when major events occur, from a diving catch at the beginning producing over 600 tweets the minute it occurred, to the big Yankees grand slam causing more than 2600 tweets in a single minute.

Take a look at the heartbeat of MLB fans on Twitter below (click to enlarge):

(Image courtesy of Daniel Padavona via Shutterstock)